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> I located this article just recently. It's a little dated, but I thought
> would forward it along for others who may have missed it. I wonder how
> many more people from various walks of life the upcoming movie version of
> The Monkey Wrench Gang will inspire to read the book/take strong action
> against the devastation (I hope a lot).
I am sure that many people do not realize that clear cuts in USFS Region 5
(California) have been banned and have been for years now. While the
underlying message of the book is okay, I guess, not all the actions of all
the main characters in the book do not jive with the concepts true
environmentalism. I read the book years ago and just one example of the
acts of hypocrisy is where fences are cut up and torn down. Fences for
livestock are more important than ever in protecting today's streamcourses
from the ravages of cattle. If I were to read it again, I 'm sure I would
find more examples. 
> If you find yourself above a Western landscape on a United Airlines
> jetliner, you may hear more from the pilot than the usual chitchat about
> wind speed. When Tony Delcavo's voice crackles across the intercom, he's
> likely to announce what's really on his mind. "If you look out your
> windows," Delcavo is fond of saying, "you'll see clear-cuts in your
> national forests:"
What I want to know is, how can a pilot pick out the difference between a
National Forest clear cut and a private land clear cut from 26,000 ft while
flying a commercial airliner. Many times, National Forest lands is
"checker-boarded" with private land in 1 square mile sections (640 acres
for you non-forestry people) and that small size of land looks pretty small
from that altitude. Even on the ground with a map, it is often hard to tell
who owns what. My 16 years with the USFS (now, not-by-choice, retired) have
shown me that.
>  Delcavo has no intention of stopping. "If one out of 100 people
> says,`Man, I didn't know they were doing that to the land,' that can
> make a difference," he says.
If I can convert just one person out of 100 "preservationists" to see the
big picture in National Forest management, that will make a difference.
Strict preservation of forests ALWAYS leads to management. Mark my words
and know the difference between "preservation" and "environmentalism".
There is a huge difference, people.
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