"Proper" Management of a 40acre forest

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Sun Jul 19 23:12:48 EST 1998

norm at pdx.wantweb.net wrote:
> Been following this newsgroup for a few days. Obviously a lot of the
> discussion is theoretical arguments and ideas for higher level forest
> management. My problem is living on 40 acres in exclusive forest use that was
> about 60% clearcut in 1986. Although we have planted about 4500 Douglas firs
> in the logged area, we haven't got a clue as to how to manage the unlogged
> portion. Our neighbor logger isn't much interested in logging or even
> thinning the remainder unless somehow the cut trees will just fall into the
> log truck (in other words, he doesn't like our hillside trees). He thinks we
> should thin. But as to whether to cut the big ones or the smaller ones, he
> says I should not ask a logger. So just who do I ask? Norm Duncan

Two sources come to mind.  Find out if there is a Society of American
Foresters, or an Association of Consulting Foresters, chapter in your
state.  I'd go with the ACF, personally, but than thats my job.  The
second source would be the state forestry agency for your state for an
initial introduction as to resources available.  The first ones, ACF and
SAF, may be hard to find, the second is in the book.

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