Proposed Forester Licensing in Massachusetts

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Jun 2 18:26:31 EST 1998

LRLake wrote:

> As a registered Professional Forester in California, I can assure you that a
> license, in the absense of any particular requirement, is worthless.  You are
> right that it is just another layer of bureaucracy.
> You Mass. folks need teeth in the law so it requires a licensed forester for
> certain "professional" functions...I'll leave it to you to decide which.
> For example, in California our licensed foresters law makes it a misdemeanor to
> "act in the capacity of, or represent (oneself) as a professional forester"
> without being licensed.

I think the rules here will have something similar, like a $5 fine. No
reason to make it stiff, after all- falsely calling oneself a forester
is not big deal. <G>

> Further, there are many forest practice regulations which specify the use of an
> RPF or supervised designee, by statute.

I've heard some of the hire ups say things like, "someday we'll make
this a better law, but it may take another 25 years". You can only
imagine my response. <G>

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