Proposed Forester Licensing in Massachusetts

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Jun 2 18:20:03 EST 1998

LRLake wrote:

> Registration, licensing, etc. all tend to "elevate" the profession.  A
> corresponding requirement, however, of any law is that a State recognition is
> "required" for some professional function.  Joe and Karl: you guys need to
> fight for this!

The trouble is it's tough to figure out who here is making the
decisions. State government here is a lot like the former Soviet Union.
It's all very "top down". All we know is that the "big guys" upstairs
have made decisions. We never know if its the top people in the forestry
agency, the politicians, or the Mass. Wood Producers (mills and
loggers). And we have all the usual "hearings" where opinions are given
and NEVER heard, or if heard, then ignored.

Meanwhile, here you don't dare cut someone's hair, or pick up there
garbage without a license, but any bozo can prepare a Stewardship plan
and/or Chapter 61 Forest Tax Law Plan, saving a landowner several
thousand dollars each year in property taxes, without being a forester!
It's rare but it happens- when I find out about it, I bitch like crazy
and they just laugh at me- it's just like the stories by Franz Kafka,
especially his book, "The Castle". And any nitwit can "manage" a timber
sale, filing the cutting plans- then rape the place- and get away with
it- what an absurdity in a state which likes to present itself around
the world as a hyper sophisticated place- so much for the conservative
opinion that the environmentalists have too much power- foresters are
the original environmentalists and we have zero power or influence over
the 80% of Massachusetts that is forest land.


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