Proposed Forester Licensing in Massachusetts

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Tue Jun 2 20:51:24 EST 1998

In article <35744A47.6257 at>, Karl Davies <kdavies at> writes:

>We recently had public hearings for the state's latest draft of the
>forester licensing regulations.  While I appreciate all the effort
>that's gone into drafting these regulations and procedures, I still have
>some major questions about whether licensing will actually improve the
>practice of forestry in Massachusetts.  As I read the proposed
>regulations, it seems quite likely that there will be very little, if
>any change--except the creation of another level of bureaucracy 
>As I understand it, even with forester licensing, the people preparing
>state-required Chapter 61 (use value assessment) plans and forest
>cutting plans won't have to be licensed foresters.  These are the only
>documents that govern the implementation of forestry practices in
>Massachussetts.  It seems bizarre that they can actually be prepared by
>anyone at all.  

Seems to me that Massachussetts has found a new demographic group from which to
raise money.

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

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