The Charter (again)

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Wed Jun 3 10:16:21 EST 1998

Someone was wondering whether a particularly entertaining response to a reply I
made in the "Forestry Practices and Geography" thread was in accordance with
the group's charter.  Apparently not everyone caught the charter the first time
around, so here is what Don sent as it still appears in the AOL newsgroups:

Subject: Charter
From: Don Staples <dstaples at>
Date: Fri, May 8, 1998 10:35 EDT
Message-id: <35531838.1285 at>

It is time:  The following is plain and simple.

USENET NEWSGROUP NAME:  bionet.agroforestry 

STATUS:   Unmoderated 

ONE LINE DESCRIPTION:   Discussion forum on farm-forestry and related
forestry/environmental topics. 

EMAIL ADDRESS:  agroforestry at, agroforestry at 
(ag-forst at or ag-forst at also possible) 

MODERATOR:    Don Staples (dstaples at 


SUMMARY: BIONET.AGROFORESTRY  is a forum for discussion and information
exchange amongst foresters, agroforesters and others interested in the
integration of trees
with other rural land uses, both temperate and tropical regions. 

BACKGROUND:  This Newsgroup started in 1989, following an International
Union of
Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO) meeting in Edinburgh on
principles and practice' (P.G. Jarvis (ed), Elsevier 1991).  We prefer
to use a wide
definition of agroforestry (Leakey - ICRAF) as 'a dynamic, ecologically
based, natural
resource management system that, through the integration of trees in
farm- and rangeland,
diversifies and sustains smallholder production for increased social,
economic and
environmental benefits'. 

SCOPE:  In recent years the group has had wide-ranging discussions on
forestry issues,
with an emphasis on the US but with many contributions from elsewhere in
the world.  
'Pure' forestry discussion is still welcomed but contributors are urged
give their thoughts
on issues like: encouraging farm-forestry, involving the rural community
in forestry
planning, planting trees to maximize environmental benefit, exploiting
non-timber forest
products, and stimulating farm-forestry in the developing world. 

MODERATION POLICY:  The group is currently not moderated.  Mass-posted
commercial messages, chain letters, and messages with graphics or macro
attachments are
discouraged.  Civility will be expected and encouraged from
participants.  Use of the
newsgroup for commercial purposes is prohibited.  Contributors are asked
possible) to use their true name and address. 
Don Staples
UIN 4653335

My Ego Stroke:


Although the response was not a typical one for this group, nor is it an area
of forest practice that I will personally pursue, I think it meets some of the
guidelines of the charter, and don't see that it violates any others.  And, as
I said above, it surely was entertaining.  <g>

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