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Lori Smith is a graduate forester and is from New Brunswick, Canada. She is the
only person I know in the Atlantic Time Zone and can probably spit in the Gulf
of St. Lawrence (crudely put but I AM a dirt forester). 

Since wood products earn this region twice as much as agriculture, I would
suggest Ms. Smith has learned much forestry many years before she entered
forestry school. It is that important to her region's economy. 

Intoductory meetings are as hard on the Internet as they are face to face.  It
always is when you are straight up with who you are and what you are doing.
Please greet Lori next week and explore her world. She will love hearing about

We need to talk her into coming here for discussions as well.

 Check her bio and schedule at and
 please chat with her next tuesday night at 9:00 ET at   I'll be there as well. 

      Steve Nix
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