Proposed Forester Licensing in Massachusetts

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Thu Jun 4 08:29:16 EST 1998


The hidden truth in your last post depresses the hell outa me.  You are having
to become a "forester apologist".  You have to make a case for a foresters
legitimate existance.

Millions of people are just like M. Courtney - foresters are a bunch of
dumbassed pulpwooders with little value to society.  Somehow our outdoors are
not as important to register professionals to work on as our insides are
important to register professionals to work on.

There are dozens of universities that support forestry schools including major
Ivy Leaguers.  There are thousands of foresters, forest researchers,
PHD's...but we still are looked on as tree hackers and thieves.  

It is getting worse, not better.  Please read my interview with Lester DeCoster
coming up this weekend.  He suggests that we are becoming less important with
the downsizing of the property owner.  Smaller tract sizes equates to less
interest in timber management for volume. 

Foresters are not sought out by most timber owners.  Our "occasional relevance"
is killing us.  DeCoster states that "forestry will become less and less
relevant to more and more people.  We will lose vital forests that can produce
both environmental and economic benefits.  We need new approaches and
technologies designed for small parcels."

It is not that people don't want help...they don't believe they need help. 
They can do their taxes with computers, cut their kids hair, sell their own
house or car, do their own dang they can sell their timber, too. 

  Foresters are gonna have to sell something besides timber fiber.    We are
gonna have to sell ourselves....

Steve Nix
Alabama Registered Forester #745

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