Proposed Forester Licensing in Massachusetts

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Fri Jun 5 10:43:37 EST 1998

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> [Lester DeCoster]
>. . . suggests that we are becoming less important with
>the downsizing of the property owner.  Smaller tract sizes equates to less
>interest in timber management for volume. 

Then perhaps the smart forester will adapt to forestry for wildlife and
aestethics and capture the attention of this "relatively new" niche of smaller
tract landowners.

Even Lester stereotypes foresters as volume timber managers.  Is this fair?  I
thought there was a variety of "specialties" that a forester could evolve into.

Would a wildlife biologist with a minor in forestry (or self learned) be more
qualified for wildlife habitat management than a Forester with a minor (or self
learned) in wildlife biology (ecology, whatever)?

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