Forestry Practices and Geography

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>>I am not sure, group, if this type of post is off charter, I find them
>>rather quaint, and they do mention trees, and one could streeeeetch the
>>meaning of agroforestry to include what ever this is.  But, is it on or
>>off Charter?
>Mostly on charter, but with additional solicitations to gain relatively free
>access to the property by what seems to be an interesting group.  Before
>selling your property rights for some rogue consultant such as the medicine man
>(who may actually be quite knowledgable on some forestry aspects) try paying
>cash instead!  Your grandchildren may not appreciate the future "squatters" and
>who knows what evil spirits may be conjured up!?
>I originally posted my response to the original sender's email address.  I can
>say that I didn't recommend a witch, but the the reply was more on line with
>Seems like the witches are trying to take advantage of an elderly couple!
The undersigned is a witch as well as a wizard.  Got something against
Pagans have we?  Regards    Les     Tree Wizard and ...
(beth or les or fludd or keeper)

Beth Thompson 
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