loblolly pine buds dying

nclorax ncloraxnospam at infoave.net
Sun Jun 7 11:05:29 EST 1998

Moth lays eggs in bud.  Worm hatches and eats out the inside
of the bud and down into the stem.  If the buds are turning
brown you can bend them back and they will break off.  Good
chance you can see the worm or at least the tunnel it bore.

Usually I have not recommended any control unless a high %
of the trees are infested.  Usually there is a side branch
that is not infested and it will take over dominance and
become the main stem.  If the seedlings are young (less than
5 years old) I have not seen any permanent sweep or crook in
the trees (from the side branch becoming the dominate stem)
as they get older.  

MMEMU <mmemu at aol.com> wrote in article
<1998060304174400.AAA06144 at ladder01.news.aol.com>...
: Is this problem caused by the moth itself or does it lay
eggs and the worms
: kill the bud? 

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