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Jack Clifford wrote:
> Don:
> I don't get your point. It seems like pretty standard stuff.
> I'm not that
> familiar with weight sales, but the information on equipment
> requirements,
> required actions and limitations is something I'd surely
> want to know if I were
> thinking of bidding on the timber.  Believe me, if this were
> not spelled out in the
> prospectus and the contract, there would be a lot of unhappy
> folks when cutting
> started.
> Jack
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> >For those of you who have never witnessed the USFS in all
> their legal
> >glory, check:
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Sorry, you missed some of the early posts on the salvage sale in Texas. 
This is the prospectus for the sale of blow down timber in NF inTexas. 
The restrictions and use of standard sales prospectus/contracts mixed
with the rapidly deteriorating material will leave most of the material
on the ground.  This was all compounded when the Sierra Club filed suit
to prevent any salvage on the blow down.  

This is an emergency harvest of downed material, and the world has taken
a standard polemic approach to ensure no blame can be accrued.
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