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FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of the Western Ancient Forest
Campaign, June 8, 1998  To reach us call (202)879-3188,
fax (202)879-3189, or email WAFCDC at igc.apc.org

FURSE AMENDMENT:  Over fifty forest activists from around the
nation are in Washington this week to educate lawmakers on the need
to redirect destructive subsidies for logging and roadbuilding into
needed restoration of the National Forests.  Rep. Elizabeth Furse (D-
OR) has announced plans to offer an amendment to the Interior
appropriations bill that would cut $144 million from the timber sale and
roadbuilding budget and redirect $44 million into road maintenance. 
"Right now the Forest Service only maintains 40% of the road system,
threatening streams, fisheries and public safety," said Liz Butler,
WAFC's National Organizer.  "The Furse amendment will help the
environment and the taxpayer by cutting subsidies that are harming our
National Forests and by providing the resources needed to maintain the
road system."

RESOURCE LAW CONFERENCE:  A legal education conference will
be held June 12-13 in Bozeman, MT.  Sponsored by American
Wildlands and the Law Fund, the conference will bring together
lawyers and activists from the Northern Rockies to discuss and
strategies on current environmental problems.  For more information
please contact Kim Davitt, American Wildlands at 406/586-8175 or
kdavitt at aol.com

FOREST GUARDIANS CONFERENCE:  Forest Guardians will be
holding their second annual conference at the Black Range Lodge,
Kingston NM, June 12-14.  Desert ecology, predator issues, grazing
and reforming the Forest Service are among the topics that will
discussed.  For more information please contact Forest Guardians at
505/995-0930 or bird9 at ibm.net

DEVIL'S GULCH GATHERING:  Leavenworth Audubon Adopt-a-
Forest is inviting hikers, mountain bikers, nature lovers and
conservationists to learn about the ecology of the Devil's Gulch
Roadless Area on the Wenatchee National Forest in Washington state
this weekend June 13-14.  There will be hikes guided by Northwest
Ecosystem Alliance ecology experts to learn about the ecology of the
Devil's Gulch Roadless Area and the effects of the proposed Sand
Creek Timber Sale.  For more information, please contact Pat
Rassmussen at 509/548-7640 or patr at rightathome.com

BC FORESTRY FAILING:  A Forestry Report Card was recently
released by the British Columbian activists and the World Wildlife
Fund giving a "F" grade to government and timber industry's forest
practices.  The report documents the disturbing reality of inadequate
protection for BC's forests.  Out of Twelve criteria for determining
sustainable management such as rate of logging, protection of
endangered species, biodiversity, and water quality, the BC government
received a "D" in four categories and "Fs" in the remaining eight. 
"This grade demonstrates that British Columbia's claims of 'world class
forest practices' are not true," said Will Horter of Sierra Legal Defense
Fund.  "The timber industry is failing the elementary courses, when
they should be preparing for advanced levels."

Steve Holmer
Campaign Coordinator

Western Ancient Forest Campaign
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Washington, D.C. 20005
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wafcdc at igc.org

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