Grand Fir ID?

Don Staples dstaples at
Wed Jun 10 11:04:27 EST 1998

JNPBUCK wrote:
> Whoa!  All of the advice was good as far as identifying the needles and cones,
> but there was no mention of the bark.  Marking timber in Northern Idaho, where
> some of the trees are 120-150 tall, you'll need to be intimate with the bark
> characteristics.  Grand fir (GF) bark is more platey and a more uniform gray
> color.  Douglas fir(DF) has cork-like bark with deeper fissures that may have
> an orangish color to them.  GF bark is pretty hard (tough to push a D-tape nail
> into).  When all else fails, whip out a pocket knife and slice some of the bark
> off.  DF sort of looks like bacon with its alternating brown/orangish colors.
> GF has a very dark purple hue to it.  I concentrate at identifying trees by
> their bark characteristics because that's mostly what I see.  Needles are way
> up there.
> Bye for now.  My wife is telling me to quit "geekin' on trees" to strangers.
> Can't help it.

Strangers?  Aint nobody here but us foresters, environmentalists, agro
foresters, company folks, consultants, state hacks (sorry Steve  8-}),
and a few federales.  and an occaisional sour puss.
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