Pole strains of "Black locust"

Rga3x rga3x at aol.com
Thu Jun 11 14:52:40 EST 1998

Please, I am seeking contacts with researchers  of Black Locust trees
(Robinia pseudoacacia), preferabbly dealing with strains used in pole or
fencepost production.  I wwould like to obtain quantities of seeds or 
tissue-culture plantets of cultivators like this.  Please respond to
rga3x at aol.com
(I'll be "off-line" until Wednesday, June 17th, 98).  

Yes, I have a copy of the interesting article in "Organic Gardening" magazine
about this species as a source of NATURAL "treated wood" wwood, without
additional chemicals and it being a naturally rot-resistant lumber.
It refered readers to an individual in NY state who would sell 12 seeds plus
4-page booklet for $5.00  ...I'd like to obtain hundreds of seeds for a much

Ralph in Oregon   rga3x at aol.com

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