Chain Saw Useage Newsgroup

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Fri Jun 12 09:47:29 EST 1998

I would like to know any information possible on how to set up a Chain Saw
Useage Newsgroup.  I did this with the USFS and their computer system, several
years ago and it was extremely useful in changing the way Management looked at
our plight of injury and death due to inadequate and non-standardized training.
 I developed a mailing list of more than 250 Chain Saw Instructors and Health
and Safety Officers, nationwide.  It got me in SOME KIND OF HOT WATER and
almost fired but forced "Them" to recognize the fact that us lowly Technicians
had a major problem that needed to get fixed, immediately.  Much interest has
been shown on the Forestry related newsgoups on this subject.  I feel that with
over 40,000 injuries/ year with this tool, in this country alone, that
something of this sort might be useful to the public.  Any help on this project
certainly would be appreciated.  Thanks!!!   Carl Smith

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