Timber theft.

Don Baccus dhogaza at pacifier.com
Fri Jun 12 23:07:47 EST 1998

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Don Staples  <dstaples at livingston.net> wrote:

>It was Betty, bless her heart, she told the sheriff that the timber
>business was getting to hectic for her and she thought she would try
>another line of work.

>Maybe used car sales.

How about cattle rustling?  Fundraising for the ag product defamation defense
fund, i.e. those responsible for bring Oprah to trial for saying "I won't
eat any more beef!"?

Or...something more topical...she could sell herself as a website designer
for $125/hr, based on the fact that she doesn't know anything about it so
she can't charge the $250/hr norm! :) :)

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