Timber theft.

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sat Jun 13 00:33:40 EST 1998

sloan wrote:
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> > My Ego Stroke:  http://www.livingston.net/dstaples/
> Congratulations, Mr. Staples!!!  You were not in San Jacinto County
> where no one gets prosecuted.  I'm assuming this was in Polk County.  I
> hope the woman's name was Bobby T. (or was it Betty?).  These pimps are
> making our work difficult.  Thanks for good work.   E-Mail at
> Sloan at Livingston.net.  I would really like to know who finally got
> busted.

It was Betty, bless her heart, she told the sheriff that the timber
business was getting to hectic for her and she thought she would try
another line of work.

Maybe used car sales.
Don Staples

My Ego Stroke:  http://www.livingston.net/dstaples/

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