Timber theft.

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sat Jun 13 09:41:36 EST 1998

Don Staples wrote:
> Nick Ananin wrote:
> >
> > Do you not still have corporal punishment for 'cattle rustling'?
> >
> > How about 'rustling trees' (sounds like a theme title for a song {[;-)
> The prosecuting attorneys in Texas fight very hard to keep from charging
> anyone on timber theft.  State law does not address it speciffically as
> a crime, there fore the defense has a better than average shot.  there
> have been a few shootings over theft, but mostely radiators.  Texas are
> by nature not letigious, but are getting more so on theft.
> The cattle theft question is at the base of the problem, you can steal
> one cow and be charged with a felony under current law, you can steal 50
> acres of timber and tell the sheriff "I thought I was on the right
> tract" and get away with a civil suit at best.

That's why I tell landowners that ya gotta get your boundaries blazed
and painted, because THEN if someone steals the timber, they can't say
they didn't see the boundary marking, yet.... most landowners don't want
to hire a consultant who they see as just another middle man, and the
burro-cracy and liers in the legislature refuse to FORCE landowners to
hire a professional forester to manage these affairs. It's just like
when your neighborhood barber could take out your tonsils.

And of course, some folks here in this newsgroup also believe that
timber harvesting shouldn't HAVE to be under the direction of a
PROFESSIONAL FORESTER, because they DON'T believe forestry is a
profession. I hope somebody steal THEIR timber. One guy here said he
watched a forester at work on his land a few times, so now he can do it
all himself. Now he's a forester. After all, what's it take to be a
foreser? All ya gotta do is know how to squirt paint on the big trees.
Obviously that doesn't take any brains. Probably worth about $5/hr.
> Lawyers, every one should have one, in the compost heap.
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