Forester Licensing Websites

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Jun 14 09:51:48 EST 1998

Karl Davies wrote:

> An email from a licensed forester in Californian indicated that this is
> an extremely expensive procedure (upwards of $4,000) and that in fact it
> discourages many small landowners from selling timber.

I'm extremely curious why it costs $4,000. Obviously a lot is needed to
satisfy somebody. What is required? Is such info REALLY needed and
useful? It may be that the scale and value of the timber sales in CA
greatly exceeds the relatively tiny sales on Yankee wood lots (most of
them). And I suspect that in CA, the potential for environmental damage
is greater. Here in Puritan New England, we really don't have erosion
and fire problems, but we do have extremely bad silviculture without a
licensed forestmeister present. (I'm now mailing out Forestmeister
licenses to qualified persons- in lieu of an intelligent state license
procedure- Karl has received one and also, of course, the Texas Forest
Ranger- who will soon be issuing similar licenses to qualified Texas

> The Ontario situation shows the shape of things to come.  There are more
> consulting foresters and less provincial foresters now than in the
> past.  The state/provincial forestry bureaucracies are becoming--as Joe
> pointed out--an anachronism.

buggy whips, come to mind- no pun  intended <G>


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