Timber theft.

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Sun Jun 14 21:15:58 EST 1998

Ted Kegebein <kegebein at planttel.net> wrote in article
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> > That's why I tell landowners that ya gotta get your boundaries blazed
> > and painted, because THEN if someone steals the timber, they can't say
> > they didn't see the boundary marking, yet.... 

Better yet, why doesn't the Feds re-do their boundaries? I worked very hard
last year just flagging boundaries in a checker-boarded Forest Service land
ownership pattern. I did probably 15 miles of that and was seeing blazes
that are barely visible anymore. Is the American taxpayer going to like
paying big bucks to have surveyors come out and find the lines again
because the USFS didn't maintain their property lines? Just thought
everyone should know that little tidbit of federal mismanagement.
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