Forester Licensing Websites

Mike Hagen mhagen at
Mon Jun 15 11:49:25 EST 1998

Excellent job, Karl!
I just wish I was a bit more optimistic.  Washington state is (has
been?) considering licensing. Everything that's been said about it
applies here. It's probably inevitable and I don't see anyone
overjoyed about it.

 And I haven't heard a thing about the proposal in months. There are a
LOT of "under the table" foresters here. Lots of after hours burros.
Lots of fairly competent small time loggers. A handful of surplused
and retired company foresters, who are the only ones with adequate
papers to be licensed along with a few very busy and expensive
consultant offices in the big cities.  Seems the only people for it
are those consultants and the SAF.

I like Joe's idea better.

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