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Don Baccus wrote:
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> >Sell off all USFS lands to the highest bidders.
> >Do this in maybe 3 to 6 million acres a year.
> >Zero budget out the USFS.
> No.
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Then, please, everyone quit complaining about the USFS, and get out
of its way. Personally, I believe that it is a waste of taxpayers'
money, and it does no better job than private landowners. Why do
we need this turn of the century dinosaur now, anyway? Why, also,
does the GAO say that it cannot come up with a credible mission goal
which federal law now requires? If it doesn't even know what its mission
is how can it perform in a business like manner, or in a manner that
will at least minimize its cost to taxpayers? 

My conclusion: As long as this remains a political entity with 435
bosses plus El Presidente` it will also perform like a 400 pound drunk
in the ring swaying from rope to rope with blindfolds on.

Ted Kegebein

Taxes really are a pleasure, have a nice day!

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