Forester Licensing Websites

Karl Davies kdavies at
Mon Jun 15 23:09:29 EST 1998

Thanks to Emil for the website reference.  Here's the first
paragraph from the WVA law:


A730-19-1. Use of descriptive title restricted.

No person shall use in connection with his name or otherwise
assume, use or advertise any title or description tending to
convey the impression that he is a registered forester unless he
shall be licensed as hereinafter provided. Nothing contained in
this article shall be construed as preventing any person, firm,
partnership, or corporation from practicing forestry, or
managing woodlands or forests, or from removing any products
therefrom, or planting trees on any land, in any manner desired.

In other words, what the bureaucracy giveth, the bureaucracy
taketh away.  And they're right up front about it.  The second
sentence no less!  You can have your little forester licenses,
but loggers, corporations and landowners can still do whatever
they want with their land or anyone else's land.  I guess
politics in WVA is even more heavy-handed than in MA.


Emil Knutti wrote:
> The forester registration requirements for West Virginia can be found at
>  Click on Chapter 30 and scroll
> down to Article 19.
> Emil Knutti

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