WAFC Forest Focus - June 16, 1998

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Western Ancient Forest Campaign wrote:

> TIMBER ROAD RIPOFF:  "Bowing to pressure from environmental
> and taxpayer groups, lawmakers finally have agreed on a plan to cut
> the subsidy known as the purchaser road credit program," says a June
> 15 editorial by the Seattle Times.  "But it will take more bold strokes to
> topple the timber road ripoff once and for all."  The Times noted that
> Forest Service roads subsidy cost taxpayers $245 million from 1992-94
> and that the overall timber program lost $88 million last year.  "An
> attempt last year to end the giveaway was foiled by Rep. Norm Dicks
> and Sen. Slade Gorton," said the Times.  "If they want to be in step
> with Northwest values of environmental protection and fiscal
> responsibility, Dicks and Gorton will join the effort to clear the books
> of forest giveaways."

Although I basicaly agree with your position, it does have the
assumption that a built road in the national forest has no value to the
public; and I can't necessarily agree with that supposition. It
obviously has some value to some people. I think we must harvest SOME
timber in the national forests, it's just a matter of how much and
where. The national forests ARE NOT national parks.

> SELL IT ALL:  "The only lands the federal government should own
> are the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument and a few other
> such things," said Chairman Don Young (R-AK) of the House
> Resources Committee at a June 9 hearing about managing federal lands which
> featured testimony from wise-use champion Ron Arnold.  Chairman Young called
> on the federal government to divest federal lands to the states or private
> industry.

There is nothing more devious than the argument of some of those very
large states- which complain that most of their state is owned by the
feds. It also turns out that these states are mostly empty of people and
that these states still have more private land per capita than the
overpopulated eastern states with little public land. In much of the
west, most of the private land is in the hands of the FILTHY RICH land
barons. Turning over public lands will mean it too will end of in
estates of the FILTHY RICH. It won't do much good for the average

> BULLDOZING WILDERNESS:  "When we lose a piece of wilderness,
> we lose it forever," said Theodore Roosevelt IV in an op-ed published
> in today's Washington Post.  "And if we lose this piece of Alaska
> wilderness to a road, we are setting the stage to lose wilderness
> everywhere."  Roosevelt was referring to a project that House
> Resources Chairman Don Young is promoting to construct a $30
> million dollar, 30-mile road through the Izemback National Wildlife
> Refuge and Wilderness while waiving all applicable environmental
> laws.  Rep. Young may attempt to attach this road project to the
> Interior Appropriations bill.

A road to go from nowhere to nowhere through a wilderness. Makes a lot
of sense.

> UNDER SCRUTINY:  Movie Director Oliver Stone has joined the
> campaign to end the purchasing and sales of old growth timber by
> Home Depot.  "Home Depot can be the leader on this issue," said
> Stone in a letter to The Home Depot, Inc.  "As one of the largest
> purchasers of old growth timber, your stand will be the guide for others
> towards a sustainable future."

If he really believes this, he can make a movie about it showing the old
growth being wasted for more back yard decks and toothpicks. I happen to
consider Stone one of my heroes, so I hope he helps on this.

> GRIZZLIES FAVORED:  The US Fish and Wildlife Service recently
> issued a summary of the 24,000 public comments on its plan to bring
> back grizzly bears to the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness of Idaho and
> Montana reports High Country News.  Of the 21,000 responses that
> were signed, 77 percent favored reintroduction while only 23% were
> opposed.  Conservationists have expressed concern about this simple
> pro vs. con analysis because many groups oppose the preferred
> alternative, which deems the grizzly population experimental, while still
> supporting grizzly reintroduction.

We should free some grizzlies in Congress; train'em to feed on idiot
politicians. <G>

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