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Thu Jun 18 09:21:22 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Nick Ananin wrote:
> >
> > Dear fellow forestnetters,
> >
> > For once I make no apology for cross-posting to many of the Forestry sites
> > on the Net as I think this is an important issue.
> >
> > Over the recent few months it has struck me how many web sites are
> > replicating the information that they hold with varying degrees of success.
> > I refer to information which is in the public domain and is of general
> > interest but as far as I am concerned is not well organised. This applies in
> > particular to the following:
> One possible solution which may not go as far as you'd like would be to
> have a newsgroup FAQ.
> The FAQ would be posted, say, once each week. It would list all known
> forestry web sites. For each web site, the author could write a
> paragraph describing his/her web's focus and intent. I think, maybe Don
> Staples has one, or is working on it. Don? Don? where are you?
> >
I'm here, listening, and yes, we have have a Charter that discribes what
bionet.agroforestry is supposed to be about.  And I try to post my stuff
to all the other news groups, and have not posted to GAOF.  Brain fart,
I guess, its there with an international audiance that I missed.  Some
of my stuff is local, less national, and even less international in
scope. Yet in the long run, the  local events effect international
events in the same way a single drop of rain effects the next flood.

Nick, dont know the answer, as individuals we spend way to much time at
the computer for what we get out of it, personally.  Yet it benefits the
world of foresstry, the enviroment, and in the end, human kind.

Scary, isn't it?

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