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> > Working outdoors, of course. But here in Yankeedom, it's winter for 6
> > months; then comes mud season, then comes the 2 month heat wave with
> > maximum humidity. But on the few nice days of the year, it is nice being
> > outside. Especially during fall foliage, when the entire forest takes on
> > a neat psychedelic look. OK, OK, some of you youngins wouldn't
> > understand. <G>
> >
> > In other lines of work, folks might say they like the camaraderie of
> > their professions. But foresters tend to work alone. On the other hand,
> > if camaraderie means having to spend your days in cubicles, forget it.
> > Now if only Dilbert had gone into forestry instead. Well, actually I can
> > think of one forestry "leader" who does indeed remind me of Dilbert.
> >
> > --
> >
> > Joseph Zorzin, Der Yankee Forestmeister
> At one time I thought I grew trees. Then I learned I mostly planted them. And
> sometimes they lived, and other times they died. But usually a few of them
> lived.
> I like to work with trees because I like forests better than asphalt. And I
> would hope that other felt the same way. And once in a while, I hope,
> sometimes the trees I plant will be worth more than the time I spend with
> them.
> On my epitaph, if there is one, I hope to have a simple recognition: "I grew
> trees."
> Daniel B. Wheeler
> http://www.oregonwhitetruffles.com

And another Amen, brother, from the choir.
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