Any British Foresters Out There

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Thu Jun 18 15:26:09 EST 1998

In article <01bd9ae1$68973120$a860a4c1 at ian-s-tecra>, Ian Stewart
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>This group seems to be dominated by North American matters. If there are
>any Brits out there lets get some discussion going. As a starter has
>anybody had the same level of Aphid attack on Spruce as there was last

Im not a British Forester, but I own a 20ha woodland in Devon, and yes,
there are too many of those nice yanks on this newsgroup. But then the
yanks have a lot more forest than us.

I'm an English greenish woodland owner, and have campaigned on boreal
forests in the past, but I am also interested in the practiclities of
woodland ownership and forestry in UK.

I too would like to see more UK stuff on the newsgroup. Maybe there is a
need to publicise the site via Forestry and British Timber, or TGA, or
National Small Woodlands Association??

Theo Hopkins

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