Timber theft.

kat kats at prcn.org
Fri Jun 19 00:52:13 EST 1998

Don Staples wrote in message <358923E4.D91 at livingston.net>...
:Kat, the company would proably be very reseptive to information they
:screwed up, and prevent a costly error in the process.  Run your
:boundaries, if you find a reasonably error that can be documented, take
:your information to the company and suggest a correction.  Your
:professionalism is tested every day with the company you contract to,
:why should you not provide information that effects you, as well as
:them?  Kiss that hand first, then tell them your biting it for their own
:good. 8-}
:Don Staples
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:My Ego Stroke:  http://www.livingston.net/dstaples/

thanks don

i appreciate the input and i think i will do just that!  i was a bit
concerned that they may think i am a bit of an upstart by doing that, but
you are very correct in that they would most likely appreciate it.


p.s.  have you got any ideas as to where i could get some info on how to
write a decent proposal?  i have been awarded a fairly large government
contract but they would like something in writing (ie. services, costs, time
frame, etc.).  i'm not really sure what type of format, etc. to go with
(this is a bit different than typical bids i have done in the past).

also thanks to mike h. for your input !

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