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Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Fri Jun 19 08:12:04 EST 1998

kat wrote:

> p.s.  have you got any ideas as to where i could get some info on how to
> write a decent proposal?  i have been awarded a fairly large government
> contract but they would like something in writing (ie. services, costs, time
> frame, etc.).  i'm not really sure what type of format, etc. to go with
> (this is a bit different than typical bids i have done in the past).
> thanks

Dont know of any easy source of information, some of the government book
stores down here have manuals on proposal writing, perhaps the same up
there, or cross the line and look in one of the US book stores.  I do
know that the more touchy/feely type of stuff in governmentiz you use
the better, i.e., benefits to the public, benefits to the environment, 
proposed end results beneficial to all man kind, that sort of stuff.

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