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Fri Jun 19 18:51:05 EST 1998

Don Baccus wrote:

> Perhaps we could use the term "licensed profesional" to clarify?  Though then
> one's running up against hairdressers :)
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Then of course there is the more cynical view of professionalism,
licensing, and the class structure in general.

To me, it's all a scam- i.e., class structure. Classes exist because
groups have built their niche which is henceforth perpetrated on the
rest of the world via a Mafia like protection rackets. Those in
successful rackets propagandize that they deserve what they have.
Pushing this idea to the extreme and you have Calvinism- the "saved" are
preordained. A somewhat milder version is found in the right wing of the
Republican party. "We're successful because we really deserved it. The
losers are losers because they deserve to be losers. Take away their
food stamps but of course don't stop subsidies to MY industry."

And such class structure exists in forestry (to pretend I'm getting back
on subject to avoid a tongue lashing by the current group leader). As a
hard core realist I recognize greed is part of human nature and no
society will ever be perfectly egalitarian. What bugs me though is the

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