Reprivatization in Polish forestry !

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Sat Jun 20 23:41:47 EST 1998

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> Janusz Czerepko wrote:
> > 
> >     Polish government want to reprivatize own forests. .
> The Polish population is already familiar with and capable of working in
> a collective system.  

> This would ad in the re-development in ownership pride and possession
> awareness.  It would also prevent some of the greed that would come with
> selling off bits and pieces as a private owner to others at cut rate
> costs, and devaluating the land.  It would also hold down, temporarily,
> the cut out and get out mentality that effects timber owners in
> virtually all areas of the world.
This is a great post, Don. I am very excited for the Polish people and wish
I could own and work on my very own patch of forested ground with my
friends and neighbors.
> And most important, education.  The people may need intensive
> reeducation in the ethics of land ownership, in the environmental impact
> of logging and other forest uses, and in long term managment that would
> include tourism, secondary crops, hunting, gathering, etc.  
> You have a fine example in an old primevial forest that has stood its
> ground for centuries, holding remnants of animals and plants that
> disappeared well over a century ago from the rest of Europe. Primitive
> horses and woodland bison come to mind.  You can have this and a
> profitable forest, with care.

Now there is a true "forestry reinvention lab"


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