The International Assoc. of Web Foresters' Award

Donald L Ferry wolfbat359 at
Mon Jun 22 13:45:42 EST 1998

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote:

>I'm proud to announce that I received in the mail today a certificate
>from The International Associaton of Web Foresters.
>Which "presents this certificate to: Joseph Zorzin and is awarded
>certification as webmaster forester.  Furether, he is given the honorary
>degrees of BS,MS and PH.D. as determined by 'Big Tex", displayed in the
>background of this certificate.  The Webmaster should be should be shown
>all courtesy and honors attached to said degrees."
>And signed by "Donald L. Staples, Texas Ranger and 'Big Tex' Scooper".

AKA = The Flim Flam Man!!!

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