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Jack Clifford clifford at beachlink.com
Thu Jun 25 10:52:06 EST 1998

My first thought was to compile a list of fascisti (e.g. Tom
DeLay, aka "El
Cucharacho  Grande) legislators, elected by the more
electorates.  Before you flame on that score, my own
district is represented by
one of them, and I'm doing what I can to change the

But, what in the hell does any of this political stuff have
to do with the
profession of forestry? Natural resource management policy
inordinately influenced by the preponderance of western
Senators and
Representatives on the authorizing and appropriation
committees. This is the
way it has been since the mid 1800s. These committees are
important to their
constituents and relatively unimportant to other States and
Districts. This is why
the committees are constituted as they are.  This sets up a
situation where
political power is always directed at the short-term, where
the interests of the past
are over-represented, and where local concerns tend to
outweigh national concerns.
When environmental groups weigh in, they temporarily get the
attention of urban
legislators.  This is usually a fairly temporary phenomenon.
Those with a short-term
interest, particularly an economic interest, have staying
power.  Many of these
political decisions, because of their short-term focus, are
detrimental to sound forest
management policies. I admit that I don't have a good
solution to this problem.
J Clifford

Ted Kegebein wrote in message <359030DA.9F4 at planttel.net>...
>If you want to fix a problem you don't get a bunch of
idiots to come up
>with solutions. Look at this bunch:
>Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga); best known for what? Blaming every
problem in
>America on "rich white folks".
> (snipped)

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