forestry and the metric system

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Jun 24 20:13:32 EST 1998

I don't see much (any) movement to use the metric system in American
forestry. I guess once you get "board-foot" on the brain, ya just can't
think in terms of "board-meter".

How about elsewhere?

I've been thinking of trying something- on some upcomming timber sale,
I'll produce 2 bidsheets- one the old fashioned way with the board foot
measure, and another using board-meter, just for laughs- and see how the
timber buyers react to that.

And ... let's see, where else do we need to go modern with metric?
Hectares instead of acres?

What about the way wood is processed, of which I know next to nothing.
Instead of a 2x4, what will it become? Will America ever give up this
ancient way of measuring? Or since America now runs the world, maybe
everyone else will give up metric?


Joseph Zorzin

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