[Fwd: The building of motorway and protective forest area in Poland]

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Thu Jun 25 04:22:49 EST 1998

Janusz Czerepko wrote:
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> Subject: The building of motorway and protective forest area in Poland
> Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 13:14:23 +0200
> From: Janusz Czerepko <J.Czerepko at ibles.waw.pl>
> Organization: IBL Warszawa
> Newsgroups: bionet.agroforestry
> 30 % of Polish forest lands are seriously limited rules of protection
> law. There  forest management is on second place.
>     Lately we have many problems with environment resistance movement.
> Polish ecologists fight with building of motorway through the protective
> wood.
>     When we have so many protective forests how we cannot come into
> conflict with one. It is impossible I think. What we should to do with
> this problem.  The project of this motorways formed fifty years ago, but
> only today it is that as big problem.
> Now in Poland die in road accidents at the average 100 people weekly. We
> are at the end in international statistics when we take into
> consideration number of road accidents.
> The best regards
> Janusz Czerepko

Those road engineers just LOVE to build bigger, straighter roads, saying
the roads will be safer. In America we have more big, straight roads
that anywhere else, and 40 to 50 thousand people die on the roads each
year. So, don't destroy your rare and precious forest land because those
idiot engineers want to play on bigger roads. If Eastern Europe had had
more environmentalists and fewer engineers during the past 50 years,
you'd have a much healthier environment and a better economy.

It would be better to teach your people how to drive safely.


Joseph Zorzin

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