[Fwd: National Forest Protection and Restoration Act]

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Thu Jun 25 17:02:04 EST 1998

Don Baccus wrote:
> In article <3592E01B.2768 at planttel.net>,
> Ted Kegebein  <kegebein at planttel.net> wrote:
> >I don't have all the answers, but I do know, and a long-term sound
> >reading of history bears me out, socialism doesn't work. Please point
> >out to me where, anywhere, collectivism has worked for the benefit of
> >good "sound forest management policies"?
> In general, the USFS has done a better job than private industry
> in managing its forests for wildlife and recreation values.

In Mass., roughly 15% of private forest land is under the mgt. of a
professional forester. The rest gets raped (high graded) every 30-40

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