Dificulties in Polish Forest Research!

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Fri Jun 26 07:20:58 EST 1998

Janusz Czerepko wrote:
>  In Poland we have tree high forest school, and one Forest Research
> Institute. Situation of those organization is very difficult. For that
> mater that our government must something to change. Forest Institute is
> government department unit. Sometimes it is not good. Majority of
> research subject are come from  General Forest Board of Directors. Of
> course in Poland forests are majority state, and direction are the same.
> Now Direction of Forests rare want to order new research subject.
> Previously 60 % of subject came from this source. Scientific workers
> earn not much . It hardly is enough  to survive. The Polish Communism
> deprive Institute a possibility independent functioning. We often do not
> be competitive for another. What we should to do? What  way of
> reorganization we should accept.
> The best regards
> Janusz Czerepko

Sounds like the typical "top down" leadership. The people at the top
make all the decisions and make most of the money, but are incompetent
because of the former methods of choosing such "leaders". And it hasn't
changed with your new government.

Not too much different from the way government forestry operates in
America. <G>

You need to break up the ownership of the land to see what works best
under your situation. Let the national government retain, maybe 10-20%
at most. Let your provinces have another 10-20%. The rest should be sold
off to individuals, businesses, and various groups of forest workers. In
America we call this "pluralism" because we really don't know what the
answers are so we try different methods, and let them fight it out.

But obviously the bosses aren't going to willingly submit to this idea
so you need to get involved with politics. Organize people who agree
with your ideas and go fight in the political arena and widely publicize
your ideas to the public.

And what may be your post potent political tool, you're doing now, with
the internet. Get others with like mind active on the net, across your
country. The bosses (top government forestry bosses and top forestry
professors) are almost certainly too stupid to understand this, like
here too.

And have them join in the discussions here in these newsgroups, where
the elite of the elite of the forestry world are active. <G>

Your national revolution didn't stop with the overthrow of the communist
party. You have to continue to fight for what you believe in.

I suggest you create a web page. Do it in Polish and another copy in
English. Tell the world about forestry in Poland; what's good about it
and what's bad. You might be able to embarrass the bosses into reform
and you might have some influence with the politicians. The web page
will win you some allies from around the world, who might be able to
help a little. The net is the new "global village"- the Roman forum of
the planet. Bad leadership can't hide forever with this global village.
It is very revolutionary, the most revolutionary thing on the planet
today- even though we don't yet know how to tap into it's power, except
by exposing the idiots that run the world to the light of full exposure.

Viva la revolution!

Joe Zorzin

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