Dificulties in Polish Forest Research!

Janusz Czerepko J.Czerepko at ibles.waw.pl
Fri Jun 26 03:24:17 EST 1998

 In Poland we have tree high forest school, and one Forest Research
Institute. Situation of those organization is very difficult. For that
mater that our government must something to change. Forest Institute is
government department unit. Sometimes it is not good. Majority of
research subject are come from  General Forest Board of Directors. Of
course in Poland forests are majority state, and direction are the same.
Now Direction of Forests rare want to order new research subject.
Previously 60 % of subject came from this source. Scientific workers
earn not much . It hardly is enough  to survive. The Polish Communism
deprive Institute a possibility independent functioning. We often do not
be competitive for another. What we should to do? What  way of
reorganization we should accept.

The best regards

Janusz Czerepko

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