[Fwd: National Forest Protection and Restoration Act]

Thomas Kellar tkellar at FSP.FSP.COM
Fri Jun 26 08:14:31 EST 1998

The USA has "dirty rivers, lakes, streams".  Capitalism makes
sure of that.  Capitalism in the USA is only interested in the
short term.  It is only actions on the part of State and National
governments which help clean up the rivers and streams and air.


> > > Ted Kegebein  <kegebein at planttel.net> wrote:
> Now, look at the collectivism system: The USSR has dirty rivers, lakes,
> streams, why? When everyone owns something, noone takes responsibility
> for it. Without profit incentives noone can be expected to do a "good"
> job at anything. China has 80% of its population growing food, not
> trees, just subsistant farming. 
> A stark difference.  
> Ted Kegebein
> South Georgian

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