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Don Baccus wrote:
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> >And yet America has a better environment than any
> >socialistic country. Isn't that weird? No, it isn't.

The June 22 issue of Business Week's cover story is about Jack "Neutron
Bomb" Welch, president of General Electric. He's a super hero to the
business world and loved by right wingers- because the book value of GE
went from 12 billion in 1981 to 280 billion today. The values of course
don't factor in the tremendous damage to workers and the environment. As
usual, all the wonderful things loved by right wingers, like nuclear
energy, always have these unaccounted for costs. For example, General
Electric pulled 12,000 jobs out of Pittsfield, MA. The population shrunk
from 60,000 to 40,000 in the past 25 years. Crime is rampant. Drug
dealing on the main street is rampant. The main street looks like many
other main streets in America, mostly boarded up. Our right wing
governor recently came to Pittsfield and had the )^#&%@ idiocy to brag
that the unemployment rate was down to it's lowest level in 25 years!
Sure, everybody left! It's amazing the stupid things said by
conservative politicians. How could ANYBODY with an eight grade
education NOT understand why the unemployment rate is so low?

AND, General Electric left the city and the county with a MASSIVE
environmental problem; the ground water in the city is severely polluted
with PCBs, which have also gotten into the river - so you don't dare eat
fish or anything else out of it. Several school yards are fenced so that
the children can't play in their playgrounds! And this man Welch is a
national hero to conservatives! He made a fortune for the company by
devastating communities! A few months ago I wrote a letter to the local
paper saying that if the Warsaw Pact had done that much damage to the
local community (during the cold war) it would have caused WWIII. Broken
families, poverty, crime, poisoned water, poisoned wildlife and he's a
*&#$%^ hero! The right wing numb nuts that own and run this country have
their heads up their asses!

BTW, he's called Neutron Jack, because when he's done with a community
it's like a Neutron bomb went off, the buildings are OK, but there's no
more life there.

And meanwhile the stock market continues to soar, while our cities

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