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Ted Kegebein kegebein at planttel.net
Fri Jun 26 19:34:47 EST 1998

Thomas Kellar wrote:
> > Ted Kegebein wrote:(at least get some of your facts right)
> > The "commons" were lands owned by noone, and as John Locke explained
> > their fruits and goods belonged to the one who labored to procure them.
> > Socialists believe that they belong to everyone, and my labor belongs to
> > everyone as well. There is no "tragedy of the commons"--that is just
> > dogma of leftist dupes. John Locke and Adam Smith were the two most
> > influencial philosophers in the American free enterprise system. Their
> > ideas have been criticized by the Left as being the methods of greedy
> > plunderers. And yet America has a better environment than any
> > socialistic country.
> On what do you base this last statement?  USA (not America as you call
> it-America is North and South and includes Canada) is a large country with
> a relatively low population density-the problems get lost in its vastness,
> yet you should drink some of the water that comes out of the "commons"
> here.  Polluted years ago by the Elano Corporation who believed in your
> philosophy. They don't have to pay for it, but if I drank it, I would
> probably get cancer.  Guess who has to clean it up?  The Tax payers.

Wait a second, friend, I never said that anyone had the right to destroy
someone else's property. Where in my post did you obtain that little
twist of logic? Also, if you don't wish to call America America that's
your problem, I am satisfied with using George Washington's words, you
have to satisfy yourself.
> > Sell off USFS land, it's usefullness in promoting good forestry and for
> > "strategic" war supplies is long gone. It is now nothing much more than
> > welfare for lumber mills and tree-huggers wishing to expland the
> > Wilderness Areas.
> I as part owner of the USFS lands do not wish it sold.  I
> want to go and hug some trees in there.

You have millions of acres of National Parks and Wilderness Areas and
National Monuments and National Wildlife Areas and Scenic Waterways and
State Parks and State Forest and I am sure even a few like minded land
owners so squeeze away. However, I bet that I have hugged more trees
than you have even seen.
> Thomas
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Further, your kneejerk reaction to my post shows that you have put very
little thought into this subject. Perhaps this link:


may give you a better idea of what I am talking about.

Ted Kegebein

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