[Fwd: National Forest Protection and Restoration Act]

Mike Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Fri Jun 26 11:36:06 EST 1998

You are all dancing around the "tragedy of the commons" without
mentioning it and since we know this is a basic foundation of modern
resource mangement policy, I won't belabor the point either.  It seems
to be both human and corporate nature to take whatever isn't resisted.
The Russian example just shows how little people there feel ownership
of the "commons". Give them some power and they'll be as feisty as us
westerners in fifty years. 

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Thomas Kellar wrote:
> >
> > The USA has "dirty rivers, lakes, streams".  Capitalism makes
> > sure of that.  Capitalism in the USA is only interested in the
> > short term.  It is only actions on the part of State and National
> > governments which help clean up the rivers and streams and air.
> >
> And even they don't often do well in this regard, until the public
> screams loud enough.

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