[Fwd: National Forest Protection and Restoration Act]

Ted Kegebein kegebein at planttel.net
Sat Jun 27 11:24:06 EST 1998

I have few problems with hermits--like Thoreau, however, I find Aldo
Leopold's "Sand Country Almanac" more to my taste. And, I believe that
Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" should be required reading at all High

I believe, further, that one of the problems with urban and suburban
"sprawl" is government zoning stupidity. In other words, local
governments force people to live in one area, work in another, go to
school in still another, and shop in yet another area. The intergretion
of all these zones would save a lot of wear and tear on our highways :)

I don't know about your state, but down here most new golf courses are
being built on farm land, with very little intrusion upon forest land. 
Golf courses are bad for the environment? I don't accept that premise at
all, not if they are professionally done.

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