Timber Theft

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sat Jun 27 03:47:30 EST 1998

Don Staples wrote:

> The best way to preserve your rights to you land is to cast your shadow
> on it on a
> regular basis.  And check out those folks you would do business with
> before
> committing to an agreement.
> --

Now, if forest owners keep a long term working relationship with a
FORESTRY CONSULTANT, then such a thing would NOT happen, even if the
landowner was not around much. In my county I hear through the grapevine
and see from driving around who's logging what.

And, if state forestry agencies and state legislatures had an ounce of
intelligence they'd be fighting hard for the forestry consultants- such
as vigorous licensing programs- that would require a LICENSED
PROFESSIONAL FORESTER to oversee EVERY logging job, who would bear
responsibility for the quality of the work, and the legitimacy of the

But nooooo....... legislatures won't do this because loggers, real
estate brokers, and burros wouldn't LIKE this. So, meanwhile MOST
private forest land is NOT managed by professional foresters, and most
most logging continues to be a travesty to the land and to the
landowners... and timber thievery continues... and state burros continue
to live in the delusion that they're contributing something to the
world. It's called psychosis.

Thus, forestry in America has NOT yet risen to the level of a real
profession, as it is NOT recognized as such by the very people who
should be pushing the hardest- our forestry buros- who don't give a dam
because THEY get THEIR middle class wage. The should ALL be fired this
instant and go out and work for a living. They'd all of a sudden have a
major enlightenment, comming in contact with reality.

I rest my case. <G>

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