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>Maybe I shouldn't have taken that 4 credit grad course in the Russian
>revolution. No, it wasn't part of the forestry curriculum.

It's not clear that Ayn Rand's rantings (Randing ayn ravings?) were
based on any rational understanding of the Russion revolutions - I do
hope those 4 credits pointed out that the Bolshevists took over in
a second Revolution? :)

She's more of the era of Stalin, and of course Stalinism had little
to do with the Bolshevism practised by the Leninists.  Lenin used
terror, but as a tactic in a world in which all of the world powers
were supporting his opponents.  Early on, at least, he supported
terror only as a short-term means of solidifying power (and, in the
US, we did similar things regarding the Brits, but we conveniently
called it a war, instead of a civil war, though since our ancestors
at the time WERE English citizens and agreed with that designation
civil war was really what the American Revolution was about).

And Lenin feared Stalin, but was too near dead to prevent his
taking over.  

I've had the privilege of knowing ex-citizens of the Eastern
Bloc.  Actually, I provided refuge (through Oregon Software)
for an escapee from behind the Iron Curtain (Poland), who
due to his mom's position as a Communist Party member (required
in her teaching job in either engineering or math, I forget
now) had vacation rights in the West.  He and his wife and
two kids went to Germany on vacation, didn't return.  My
German software distributor took him on, as an illegal immigrant,
by doubling expenses (I well remember going to a restaurant, with
my German friend asking for two receipts, explaining that one
was to cover expenses for a Polish refuge, obviously a restaurant
well known to folks who did such things).  My Polish aquaintance
had legal rights to stay in Germany, but no right to work, thus
the subterfuge.   Finally he came here after I convinced him and
his wife that big bad gangsters wouldn't riddle them with bullets
(I kid you not, this was their fear).  And we gave him a job,
and the Catholic Church served as their moral host, or whatever the
INS calls them (obviouly, software folks don't fit the bill!)

Anyway, he's right of Attila the Hun.  Never stopped us from being
friends, or eventually him admitting I was right about Gorbie
being the catalyst to independence for Easter Europe (right-wingers
in Eastern Europe were certain that Gorbie was playing a deep,
tricking, game to solidify the USSR hold on Eastern Europe rather
than truly move forward).

His dad died before these changes took place, slowly, of cancer.
I well remember Krzyztoff ("chris") crying as he related how he
couldn't fly to see his dad (which he could easily afford, being
a top-notch software stud ala moi), because he'd be jailed upon
return.  He'd checked with the authorities.  The best he could do
was talk to his dad on the phone frequently before his death.

Yeah, totalitarism sucks.  That is one reason we shouldn't confuse
it with socialism.  Not because I'm socialist (I'm not) but because
totalitarism comes from both ends of the political spectrum, and 
all points in between, and is a result of the assholes who seek 
power taking all of it, not any particular political ideology.

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