why I utterly detest forestry bureacracies

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sun Jun 28 13:14:28 EST 1998

TREEFARMER at webtv.net wrote:
> To read that particular excerpt one might think that the only foresters
> in Massachusetts developing plans were state foresters. One would think
> that government would work the citizens will with the fewest expenses
> and therefore need the least tax revenue as possible. Government is big
> business and it looks out for itself. It needs to get bigger to
> perpetuate itself.

Thanks for some moral support. <G>

The MA DEM people think of me as a lunatic because I'm CONSTANTLY
complaining. But all my complaints ARE TRUE. And they NEVER fix what's
broken. The system is unbelievable backward and stupid.

In the other item I mentioned, a bulletin put out by the DEM, regarding
changes to the cutting practices act- it's six pages long, and each
paragraph mentions the state foresters SEVERAL TIMES, and the term
"forestry consultant" is mentioned once- even though consultants do 100%
of the missionary work and 100% of the real field work on private land
in the state. The burros do nothing but putting their *%#)& signatures
on MY WORK. THE BURROS ARE ^&$@)&% PARASITES. They contribute NOTHING to
forestry in MA. As far as I'm concerned, they are NOTHING MORE THAN A

The bulletin, has in one big bold block of text "By contacting a DEM
Service Forester at the beginning of the harvest planning process,
landowners can learn right from the start what their harvesting options
and responsibilities are." AS IF THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS 135
OFTEN FAR MORE EDUCATION, than these pinheads that never leave their
desks. And these clowns get 40-50 thousand per year. They are worse by
far than welfare cheats, because the welfare cheats are NOT so &$@)^
pretentious as delusional.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to show a little respect for the
people who really do the work, but they live in a psychotic delusional
world. Somebody ought to kick their asses out into the real world. Most
of the forestry "burros" in MA went direct from college into the
burrodom, with no contact with reality.

But, whenever I see such bullshit I don't hesitate to tell them- but do
they listen? No. Do they respond at all? No. Do they show me any respect
to me for having the only forestry web page in this forestry brain dead
state? No. And that is the ONLY reason I act so infinitely disrespectful
to them, BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT- along with the brainless politicians
in this state, who also hear from and who also never reply or respond.
If what I say was NOT TRUE, and any of them had the intelligence to
prove it, THEN I'D STOP. But what I say is true, forestry in MA is
utterly corrupt, by a useless bureaucracy and a brainless legislature.

They are shameless. The whole world knows about this now, but do they
give a dam? Of COURSE NOT- THEY HAVE TENURE! It's enough to make me turn
into a ..... God forbid... Republican! <G>

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