why I utterly detest forestry bureacracies

KMorrisD kmorrisd at aol.com
Sun Jun 28 21:03:00 EST 1998

The question is, Joe, what should we, as the professional foresters who
actually do the work (and as citizens and taxpayers too by the way), propose
that these burros do?

As you have pointed out, they do nothing to promote forestry; they spend nearly
all their time handling cutting plans and management plans--two functions which
should be handled by licensed professional foresters.

So should they just be sent to join the ranks of the unemployed?  Or could they
(theoretically anyway) perform useful functions promoting forestry?  Or should
they be put to work managing state lands?  Or should they be put to work as TSI
subcontractors to us <G>?

Karl Davies


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