Agroforestry in Cameroon

Gerry Lawson G.Lawson at
Tue Jun 30 11:08:11 EST 1998

A symposium has just come out titled 'Regional Symposium on Agroforestry
Research and Development in the Humid Lowlands of West and Central
Africa'. Edited by Bahiru Duguma & Bernard Mallet. It runs to almost 500
pages and has quite a few contributions from Cameroun - half of which
are in French.  It was organised by ICRAF, IITA, IRAD and CIRAD - and
you should be able to order it from the last of these (Centre de
Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le
Developpement, BP 5035, 34032 Montpellier, Cedex 1, France - fax 04 67
61 58 00).  Also beware of phrases like 'Peace Corps volunteers are
introducing agroforestry ...' cause a) farmers often know better than
volunteers how to conduct their own agroforestry and b) many of the
previously advocated forms of agroforestry (e.g. alley cropping) are
quite inappropriate.  Have a look at recent ICRAF-linked publications
e.g. the magazine 'Agroforestry Today', and the journal 'Agroforestry
Systems'.  You could email b.duguma at or z.tcheundjeu at
Regards, Gerry Lawson (ITE Edinburgh)

Stefanie Michels wrote:
> I am researching my dissertation for a Masters in African Studies at
> SOAS. I would like to get information about agroforestry in Cameroon,
> especially the manyu division in the South West Province. I know that
> Peace Corps volunteers are introducing agroforestry to the farmers, with
> not too much success
> Am grateful for any information about the issue

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