Agroforestry Software Program

Karl Davies kdavies at
Sun Mar 1 07:58:28 EST 1998

Here's a reference to a software program that may be of interest to those who
come to bionet.agroforestry looking for information on agroforestry. <G>

V. Clark Baldwin, Jr., R. Leith Knowles, and Phillip G.

USDA Forest Service Southern Forest Experiment Station
Kisatchie National Forest, Pineville, LA 71360


The Agroforestry Estate Model (AEM), developed by New Zealand's
Forest Research Institute, has been modified and parameterized
for use in the south-central United States. It is a planning tool
for reviewing alternative economic assessments on family farms
and new approaches to land management and rural community
development. The model is designed to show the effects of a
sustained planting and felling program on a farm's physical and
financial flows. It allows the evaluation of a wide range of
agroforestry systems: tree + understory livestock; trees +
understory crops; trees alone; trees + other products (e.g.,
nuts, pine straw) + crops, etc., in any combination, time frame,
and scale. AEM has a number of financial modules for evaluating
the feasibility, financing, and profitability of an agroforestry
project in relation to the whole farm. Utilization of the model
in other regions of the United States is dependent upon
availability and preparation of physical and financial tree and
crop productivity data.

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